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Retention Secrets That No One Talks About

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Do your struggle to achieve long lasting (6-8 weeks) retention?

Do your extensions pop off as you continue the set?

Do you want to know why lash aftercare is a myth?

Do you want to learn how to make ANY glue work for you?

Then this E-book was designed with you in mind.

About 2 years ago, I was not getting consistent exceptional retention - I used to think to myself 'it's my products!" I wanted nothing but the best for my clients but could there be more to the story? Could I be responsible for their lack of retention?

As a lash artist in the industry for almost 2 years, I was shocked to learn that 90% of retention is completely my responsibility. I learned that it is fundamental to have a chemical understanding of the products we use and how we can manipulate this knowledge to ensure FLAWLESS application and retention, every single time not just occasionally.

I want to help you in the pursuit of building a solid lash business, by increasing your retention. I have learned so much and want to share my knowledge so you don't make the same mistakes I made.

In this E-book I will share with you some the 5 key points of exceptional retention:

1. Correct glue usage and application
Let's start with the basics and ensure our application and glue usage is correct - I talk about how much glue we should be using, how much is too much and we tackle if you're picking up enough glue to begin with.

2. Understanding the adhesive
Put on your lab coat because we going to deep dive into adhesive - starting with understanding different curing times of adhesives, adhesive ingredients (cyanoacrylate, PMMA, carbon black and stabilisers), the process of polymerization relative to humidity (curing), allergic reactions and of course, why aftercare is a myth.
By the end of this chapter, you will feel like a pro, understanding the most IMPORTANT product in our industry.

3. Preparing your clients lashes
Possibly the most important chapter as this information is RARELY spoken about!
What is hair porosity? What is lash ph? How do we manipulate this to create the PERFECT base for lash extensions? All of these questions will be answered and your mind with be blown.

4. Humidity/Temperature
Of course, we all know how important it is to keep these two things in the correct parameters, but do you know why? We discuss air circulation, working in different climates, post treatment products and the tackle dreaded situation of "the extensions keep popping off my clients lashes as I apply the set!"

5. Using fresh glue
This is a given, but I provide a refreshing take on what fresh glue ACTUALLY means!

BONUS: Primer cheat sheet

By the end of this ebook, you will say goodbye to retention issues and I’ll be the one helping you solve that problem.

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