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Realistic, Layered Lash Mannequin - Marina

$120.00 AUD

COLLECTIVELY, how much do we struggle with the current mannequins on the market?

If you're a lash artist, you know how the one-layer mannequin does not even compare to a real lash line - and, you can't even practice lashing layers!

If you're a lash educator, you realise how much your students can struggle going from mannequin to real-life model - they can nail the mannequin and struggle with the many more lashes on a real lash line. Most mannequins are put away and never used again by students.

The current plastic practice lashes are thick, don't hold lash glue properly and extensions properly and aren't secure.

These are ALL things that I struggled with, which is why I wanted to offer a realistic practice mannequin. 
These bad girlies are not just for new lash artists - as they have 3 layers of thinner lashes, seasoned lash artists can practice new techniques and showcase their new talents without having to find clients who are willing to try coloured lashes/decals/wispies. Once you're finished with the set, use remover to take the lashes off and voila, a fresh base. 

So if you're a new lash artist that wants to improve your speed, a seasoned lash artist who wants to create content of their lash sets or you're a lash educator that wants to provide their students with mannequins that will TRULY help your students ... this product is for you!