Melbourne Lash and Co


$39.99 AUD

A lash tile that really just states the obvious.... 

Perfect for keeping classic and volume lashes dust free, easily accessible and organised!

  • Completely blank without any markings or indicators for lash strips - so you can label away the lengths, curls and thicknesses as you please.
  • Comes with a cover to keep lashes dust free and safe from damage
  • Can be used for volume and classic lash strips, or for promades (just apply your sticky pad onto the lash tile!)
  • Fits easily into most trolleys 
  • Acrylic base tile is heavy enough so it won't lift up when you're picking up lashes, but light enough to be easily moved

In case you get, we love you and think you're amazing. So next time you pick up your lash tiles, be reminded to remember that no matter what—you can do anything!

Psst - we suggest getting one tray for each type of lash you'll be storing.

Width: 75mm
Length: 156mm