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Lash Artistry Refresher Course

$599.00 AUD

We are so glad you're here, taking this step forward to develop your knowledge and become the best artist and entrepreneur you can be.

This refresher course is unlike any other course - it is completely tailored to issues that you're facing, which we will discuss in a consultation before the class day. 

After you have booked a date and paid for the refresher course, please send an email to with your booking details and an outline of what you are struggling with - this can be as detailed as you want or be a couple of bullet points. From this, Shaniya will create a schedule for the day where we can tackle these issues. They do not have to be just technical - we have helped many lash artists with issues within their business from clientele management to social media. 

Details needed in the email:
Your booking date and time
Your name
Your business name
Your lashing technique (premade/promade/handmade)
Issues you are struggling with
What you have tried to remedy the issues
Your business goals

If a model is required, you must organise someone to come with you in the allocated model time. Class starts at 10am in Sunshine North. Please bring a notepad, lunch and anything else you may need. A kit is not included in this course however you will receive a code for 20% off products. You will be using Shaniya's personal arsenal of products on the day. 

Currently classes only run on Tuesday, if you require a different day or have a specific time in mind, please feel free to reach out via instagram or email at

Shaniya provides lifetime mentorship for all students - that means that you have someone who has done it all on your side. If you require extra assistance, we are happy to provide extra support.

Please note:

Once you have completed purchase and gone through to the checkout page, our returns policy will be in effect. Once you have access to intellectual material, no refunds will be processed.