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Handmade Volume Course

$1,550.00 AUD

Handmade Volume Eyelash Extension Course:

Let's take a step together toward handmaking your own fans - this 1:1 course is suitable for beginner lash artists and qualified lash artists wanting to expand their skills.

Once you complete checkout we will send you an automated email explaining how you can instantly get access to the online content. This content covers:

  • Handmade fan theory
  • Perfect application of volume fans
  • Placement and direction
  • Layering
  • Styling
  • Ultimate retention
  • Understanding the glue chemically 
  • Manipulating products to work for you
  • Proper glue usage
  • Customer Management
  • How to be booked out consistently
  • Photography/Videography for Social Media
  • How to boost posts


  • Creating your fans
  • Fanning techniques
  • In-depth fanning demonstration
  • Fan types

Once the online component is completed, we book in the practical component, this component is either a one to one day with Shaniya the company director or on occasion a  zoom call session if logistically a face to face day is not an option.

On completion of the course you will receive ongoing support and the opportunity to build a community of like minded women. 

For more information, click here to download the information pack.

Let’s get started…

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