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EasyFanning Volume Lashes (0.07)

$18.99 AUD $22.99 AUD

A little background about me: I am actually handmade volume trained!

This means I know how to spot gooooooood, fanslikebutter lashes and not so good fallsapart lashes.

Let me tell you, these easy fan lashes have your back. Fanning amazingly, if you are looking for JET BLACK eyelashes oh boy you've found them.

The beauty of these babies is that if you are still new and working up to handmaking eyelash extensions, they will help you a lot. And if you are a pro, these will help you keep your lashing time down while using the skills you have spent so long perfecting.

Sometimes the hardest part of making fans is picking it up without messing it all up - SO these EasyFan lashes hold the base together without being clumpy, allowing you to pick up those perfect fans!