Reducing waste in the lash industry is important at Melbourne Lash and Co. You will find that wherever I can reduce my footprint and waste, I will. One of the most annoying thing as a lash artist is the plastic trays that lashes come with - what are we meant to do with them? Can we repurpose them? 

Storage can also be difficult as these trays take up quite a lot of space. 

These two reasons are how the promade refill's you're holding in your hand now, came to fruition.

The aim is to reduce waste. How do we do that? By creating a biodegradable and recyclable lash tray that can be used to refill your current plastic lash trays. 

These products were intended to be a environmentally friendly way for the lashes to be transported from me to you, then the contents were intended to be emptied into the corresponding plastic lash tray that you don't throw away anymore. 

This is how we can repurpose those lash trays. 

Although that is the intended use, you can definitely use the promade lashes straight out of this box. 


- Please reuse if possible: these boxes can make cute pen holders, or activities with the kids!

- Dispose in curb side recycling bins is permitted: as the cardboard used is unwaxed, it can be processed through the curb side recycling bins.

- Compost friendly: Biodegradable and environmentally friendly inks have been used to ensure the cardboard can be used in composts.