7 Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Lash Business

If you've ever wondered how to promote your eyelash business, then this is the guide for you.

In this blog, we will look at the most effective lash promotion ideas with a slant towards the modern and the digital.

Plus, we’re also going to cover the more traditional methods as well. 

Knowing how to market yourself as a lash artist is crucial to getting more business and more income, so read on.


1 – Create a Google My Business Listing

Adding your business to Google is one of the best ways to get yourself on the map, literally. 

In a few easy steps, you can be visible on one of the most popular search platforms where you can add directional guidance, a number to call, the options to save, share and even reviews. 

You can even upload images of your business for people to check you out.

2 – Leverage the power of social media.

leverage social media
Equally as useful for marketing lash extensions is social media.

Because of their visual nature, Facebook and Instagram are highly effective tools.

Show off your best work, post client testimonial videos, and showcase your price lists, promotions, and even your hygiene standards. 

All those are sure to draw people in. 

You can even go for targeted, paid advertising when you're ready.


3 – Start a Blog

A great deal of eyelash marketing is showing off your expertise.

And a blog lets you do just that. 

Put in your blog—through multiple entries—what you know about great eyelashes. 

Cover topics relevant to your audience, including how to choose a great lash artist, how to deal with retention issues, etc.

You should also apply basic SEO practices to make sure you’re searched.


4 – Build a Website.

It costs a little bit more to have your own website, but it’s advantageous because you can incorporate it into Google, have it draw in people through SEO, and it can even host your blog. 

Better, you can also utilize online schedulers set up on your website to make it easy for your existing clients and potential clients to book their appointments. 

As we know, people love convenience.


5 – Create a Client Referral Program

Client referrals are a great way to get word-of-mouth attention from potential customers. 

The basics are simple: For every new client that books and gets their lashes done, your existing client gets a bonus—a per cent off their next extension appointment or a free appointment—it’s really up to you. 

This helps in eyelash marketing because they have to sell you to entice people to set appointments.


6 – Distribute Flyer Coupons

It’s an old school marketing strategy but very effective. 

Create short flyers promoting your business and its services. 

Add in a promotion if they come in and give away your flyers. 

Same deal as with the referral program, it’s up to you to determine what they get—whether discounts or freebies. 

7 – Develop Partnerships

Finally, consider partnering with non-competitors in the same industry. 

For instance, you can partner with hairstylists and other beauty care providers. 

The idea is that they send clients your way, and you do the same for them.

You can even cross-promote within each other’s businesses with posters or the flyers you made in the previous entry.
You see, there’s no excuse not to get noticed and to stand out in the crowd. 

Simply follow these simple but effective tips, and you’re sure to draw in new clients in no time at all!

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